Automate PPC management by using the Google Adwords API

If you manage a large Google Adwords account you´ll know that the account structure  can become quite complex with hundreds of campaigns, ad groups, ad texts and keywords. In addition you have to update the account according to events that occure in your organization (price fluctuation, promotions, product launches, number of items, etc.)

For large e-commerce sites, with hundreds of products in a dynamic environment  the Google Adwords API can make account management alot easier! Instead of having to manually create/remove campaigns and ad groups every time a new product is added/removed from your product catalog, you can integrate your e-commerce storefront with Google Adwords using the Google Adwords API and automate many of the processes.

Benefits of using the Google Adwords API for e-commerce stores

Here are some of the benefits of using the Adwords API for e-commerce stores:

  • Ensure 100% advertising coverage for active products.
  • Only advertise for active products at any point in time.
  • Achieve higher click through rates(CTR) and lower cost-per-acquisition(CPA).
  • Set bidding prices based on how eager you are to sell specific products.

Dynamic Adwords management process

Using the Google Adwords API, you can generate keywords, ad texts, and destination URLs to automatically appear. In addition you can integrate your Google Adwords with your other management systems. Here are some suggested automation points:

  1. Keywords: When a product is created in your e-commerce store management system(or legacy system), you can add a data field for search words that are relevant for that product directly in the management interface.
  2. Campaign creation: When a product is activated for the first time, you can automatically create and Adwords campaign, an ad group and an ad text, display URL and destination URL in Google Adwords.
  3. Campaign start/end: When a product is sold out or inactive, the system can automatically deactivate the campaign.
  4. Bidding: In your e-commerce management interface, it should be possible to control the campaign budget and the max cost per click(CPC). When you want maximum exposure for a product, the system can automaticall adjust the campaign budget and the max CPC directly.
  5. Dynamic Ad texts creation: Through the Ad Parameters feature of the AdWords API, you can easily update ads in almost real time with numeric information such as prices, stock levels, or a countdown.

Next steps:

In order to use the Adwords API, you need to apply for access to the Adwords API through the  (MCC). When you have an Adwords API token, your a qualified developer can start researching how you can use the Adwords API in connection with your other systems. Do you have experience with the Google Adwords API? Feel free to suggest other opportunities!


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