Tribes.no is a blog that seeks to create and share success stories.

Our values:

    1. Deliver “WOW”
    2. Change is good – Embrace it
    3. It should be fun to work
    4. Sharing /( Ubuntu)
    5. Implement like hell
    6. Candor -Work hard – be nice
    7. Do more with less
    8. Be passionate and determined
    9. Friends before money
    10. Consistency
    11. Making an impact


Steven Macdonald

Steven Macdonald+ is an e-commerce and digital marketing professional with more than seven years experience in working online. A sales driven marketer, Steven enjoys creating success stories, blogging and all things SEO. You can connect with Steven on Linkedin.

Karl Philip Lund

Karl Philip(KP) is a Norwegian interactive marketer that works out of his base in Oslo. Currently he works for Inevo, a digital agency that offers operational marketing assistants.KP frequently writes about online marketing in Norwegian marketing magazines and newspapers. He helps companies create success stories and he teaches online marketing at the Oslo school of management. KP holds an MBA in technology and innovation management from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. Linkedin.

Bjørn Omsland

Bjørn is a dedicated and business-oriented software developer. He ran his own development company for 6 years  before he joined Norwegian retailer Enklere Liv as director of IT. He now works on several development projects and blogs at Tribes.no.

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